iFlawless Open Day & Media Presentation

iFlawless is a brand that is synonym to Malaysian women. Famous for its ultimate product, iFlawless Argan Oil with Gold Flakes and now back by introducing a premium facial care with the inspiration of Turkish women's beauty. iFlawless is back with the benefits of LORISA ™.
iFlawless Skincare Kit
On 20th September 2018, the 'iFlawless Open Day & Media Presentation' event was held at Shalini Ganendra Fine Art, Gallery Residence in Petaling Jaya. The event which was attended by media representatives, social media influencers, celebrities and also iFlawless users had previously successfully held with the theme of 'Flawless White'
According to Chief Executive Officer of Armada Rich Sdn. Bhd., Mohd Azri Aris, iFlawless believes that the best products and effective yields are from plant sources such as fruits and vegetables. It is in line with the iFlawless vision of being known as a brand that produces beauty and cosmetics products that are formulated with natural ingredients. "By making iFlawless a daily beauty regime, we are confident that our products have the best benefits to share, as well as to believe that every individual should celebrate the lifestyle to be naturally radiant," he said.
From left : En. Mohd Azri Aris & Pn. Nina Nadia (Founder iFlawless) 
DIY Masker Demo used some fruits.
iFlawless also set a mission to educate the public on the importance of facial skin care that used natural ingredients. iFlawless made it easy for the public by producing Skincare product by using natural ingredients. In addition, the facial care set contain Facial Serum iFlawless with LORISA™ ".
Analyse skin problem session.
Alhamdulillah ceremony went smoothly and visitors who attend the ceremony mostly love nature-based products. Hopefully iFlawless continues to be successful in helping women to look beautiful & charming naturally.
Lets together to be 'Naturally Flawless' with iFlawless.

Faralyna Idris, Actress
Q&A session with media representative.
With the visitors who attended the 'iFlawless Open Day & Media Presentation'

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