The secret behind our iconic facial serum is now revealed.

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LORISA™ was discovered when I was in Turkey last year. While in Istanbul, I met a local woman named Feriha. I cannot stop glancing at Feriha's perfect face. We talked about the beauty of women from Turkey. Average women in Turkey have a very beautiful and stunning face but for me Feriha is not just beautiful, she has a smooth, moist skin that makes me wonder about her beauty secrets.

Living in the beauty industry world, I am always looking for innovation that can be introduced to iFlawless loyal users. I asked Feriha a few inquiries like how did she managed to have a very beautiful skin? What type of remedy does she use? What is her daily routine?
Feriha told me that she constantly using Natural Skin Care (plant-based) products. Additionally, the temperature in Istanbul is so cold that it can reach 3 degree Celsius. Most Istanbul women have to choose products that are free from chemicals because they can easily cause skin to be dry.

I shared with Feriha about Gold Argan Oil from iFlawless. I told Feriha, this product can help moisturize skin at a maximum rate. Feriha smiled and claimed that she is also a user of Argan Oil. She told me that Argan Oil is her faithful partner with the other 3 different oils from other plants
When I returned to Malaysia, the iFlawless R & D team produced the best ingredient of the combined oils of the four plants that Feriha had shared. This ingredient is called 'LORISA™'

What are the benefits of LORISA™ for your skin?

LORISA™ based on 4 plants is rich in Vitamin E where the content is 200% higher than olive oil. This vitamin E is an anti-oxidant that protects the skin from free radicals. LORISA™ also contains Squalene which is believed to protect the skin from cancer. Linoleat and Oleat content improves the structure of damaged skin and acne scars. Sterol and essential fatty acids found in LORISA™ content work to optimize the skin's moisture, elaborate the skin's face membranes to prevent the aged look. Additionally, LORISA™ also contains high anti-bacteria. Now, the set of Natural iFlawless Set Skincare products that contain LORISA™ will ensure you a flawless, unblemished look.


Nina Nadia